Story of Baba Harbhajan Singh Ji

Story Of Baba Harbhajan Singh Ji

In India, people only know about Politician, cricketers or bollywood stars, but today i am going to tell you a story of an Indian soldier who protect India borders after 48 years of his death, No it was not a fantasy story or any kind of fake news, its was a story of Baba Harbhajan Singh. he is not a Guru, sanyasi | he was brave Indian soldiers who love and protect their country after 48 years of his death.

baba harbhajan singh

Who is Baba Harbhajan Singh :

Baba Harbhajan Singh was born in 3rd august at kapurthala which was located in pubjab. he completes his studies in DAV higher secondary school at 1955. in June 1956 harbhajan Singh was appointed as soldiers and join the single kor.

In June, 1965 he was appointed in 14 rajput regiment. harbhajan Singh plays very important role during the war between India Pakistan in 1965. now his post was upgrade and now he was appointed in 18 rajput regiment.

baba harbhajan singh mandir

Death of Baba Harbhajan Singh :

In 1968 Harbhajan Singh was appointed in '23rd Punjab Regiment' at Sikkim. he was travelling from tukula to dongichui with the group of Mule in October 1968. During travelling baba harbhajan Singh legs was slip and he fell in the big runnel (nala) and the brave soldier was dead. 

baba harbhajan singh mandir

Myths or believes :

When Baba Harbhajan Singh body not founded by Indian army after 3 days of his death, baba harbhajan Singh was comes in his friend dream and says all about his death and also tells the exact location of his dead body, he also called that baba harbhajan Singh called to make his grave where his was dead.
baba harbhajan singh mandir

when his friend Pritam Singh tell this news to the Army officer no one believes on them, but when army go to the place which harbhajan Singh tells to his friend in his dreams they find the harbhajan singh body's.

army was created the memorial place and mandir at chokiya cho which was located in Sikkim.
Indian army also said that baba harbhajan Singh also gives us all the news in dreams, which was always true. baba harbhajan Singh appointed in army after 48 years of his death, now peoples and army called them captain baba harbhajan Singh.

Techweber360 Salutes The great brave soldier of India who served their country after his death also.

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