Salman Ali Story : Fame Of Indian Idol 2018

Salman Ali Story : Fame Of Indian Idol 2018

When we talk about best music shows in India, what comes in mind saregama pa or Indian idol, today we featured the best singer of 2018 in my opinion, the former SaRe GaMa Pa Lil champs star and now in 2018 the best singer of Indian idol 2018, the one and only Salman Ali. Salman Ali was one of the best performer in 2018 Indian idol but also very good human being by heart, the voice of this rising star are incredible, he can sing very high note song effortlessly.

salman ali story

Who is Salman Ali before Indian idol and sare gama pa:

He comes from very poor family who was not even to fulfill their daily needs, but salman dedication and hard work and some support from his family and friends rise him and they proved that "born poor is not shame full, but if you die poor than that's all your fault". I hope that he won Indian idol 2018 because we need this type of people to inspire us every day and also enjoy every moment with their songs. he start earning money for his family when hi was only 16 now he discontinued his school and focusing only in singing. 

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Now he is one of the best contestant Indian idol 2018, his hard work and success was really inspiring for everyone who want to achieve something and makes them and his family proud and one day we can right your success story in our trends blog.

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  1. Stop Lying , he is not poor. Govt gave 21 lacs after winning SareGama. Dont spread fake news without checking.