Welcome To Sanhok, PUBG Mobile Updates 0.8.0 Ensure No Cheating Or Hacking, More And More Fun

If you are in love playing  PUBG(PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND) day in and day out than there is a good news for you, PUBG Mobile announce biggest update ever which was rolled out for android and ios on 12 september, wednesday. 
Today Tencent confirme that the maintenance has been complete so now PUBG is ready to rock with the new map.

image source : ndtv gadgets
The all new update feature new map SANHOK which was similar to erengal but PUBG says it was completely new experience to play on this map, the update also features new weapons which includes the flair gun and the all new rifle which was look like QBZ which was look like AKM but comes with more damage.it also features new VEHICLES such as a four seater Muscle car and aslo a four seater UAZ which is bulletproof now.

There Are the changes in all new PUBG update

New Maps Sanhok : Sanhok which is downloadable independently which is basically a rainforest.

Freindly Fire : Now Freindly fire is also give damage to you freind.

Flair Gun : This gun is very rare item in Pubg it was comes in super airdrop during the safe zone shrink.

New Bulletproof vehicles : The all new four seater UAZ is now bulletproof.
Lets wait for the update the all we do is 


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