MaH, What Is Mah? Defination Of Mah

MAH ? Definition of mah

What is mah every one wants to know the meaning of mah, today we gonna discuss deeply that what is mah? How Mah works? and the full form of Mah Also? so make sure to read the full article.
MaH, What Is Mah? Defination Of Mah

Definition of mah

Mah means the MILIAMP HOUR which can store battery in small cells and than use when its need, in simple words Mah is the storage of batteries and other charging and electrically items which was use now. it also use to calculate the battery power and percentage of the battery means if the battery was capicity of 1100 Mah and the device also burns 1100 mah battery per hour so the battery would run per hour in every charge but if the battery was 3300 mah then the device runs three hour on single charge. thats how Mah works. 

Full form mah 

MILIAMP HOUR (Unit of electric charge)

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