Xiaomi Jacket india : Make You Hot Up to 90 Minutes

Xiaomi Jacket India : Make You Hot Up to 90 Minutes 

Its is proof that Xiaomi The Chinese giant can launched anything, but can you imagine xiaomi can launch anything in garments section if you think no than you are wrong, xiaomi recently launched jacket, but this is not a regular or normal jacket this jacket can heat you for up to 90 minutes in cold weather, its made  with all new Du Pant Teflon Fabrics which is very light weight, water proof and cold proof and very good for those people who loves travelling. 

Xiaomi Jacket India

You are reading : Xiaomi Jacket India : Make You Hot Up to 90 Minutes

Xiaomi co brand with the best Chinese wearable gadget company the 90 points. it comes for both men and women in all sizes and start shipping the jacket on 18 October 2018.

Xiaomi Jacket india

Xiaomi jacket comes in 4 colours for men such as camouflage green,Awesome grey, and the darkest blue and all time favorites sizzling Black, for ladies its comes with some cool and cute colours such as blood reds light grey in which girls look very pretty and everyone favorite black.

If you want to buy this jacket you can simply buy this Xioami jacket from Gearbest or in xioami official website it will start shipping from 18 October.

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