How To Download Fonts From Dafont For Windows

How To Download Fonts From Dafont For Windows ( With Pictures )

Techweber360 Teaches you how to download font from for windows Pc and Mac. 

Three Parts : Search,  Find, Download 

Easy Steps to download fonts from Dafont .com for Windows.

  1. Search Dafont in Google Search Bar.
  2. Click on first search result which is
  3. Browse the website to find the idle font you wont to download.
  4. After Finding your idle font, click on the font icon.
  5. Now click on Download Button to download the font.
  6. After Downloaded, Extract the font in new folder.
  7. Open the Extracted Folder where you extract you font click on install the font. 
  8. Enjoy your new Font. 



Choose the Font You Wants to Download                                

Download Your Idle Fonts You Want                                        
Extract and install your font in you PC. 
I hope now you download fonts from dafont. 
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