2100 Kg Suspected Dog Meat Was Found In Chennai in 20 Boxes

Tamil Nadu Railway Police Officers Was Reported That They Founded 20 Boxes Of In Chennai Egmore Railway Station Which Suspected As Dog Meat.

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On Saturday, Tamil Nadu Railway police officer was reported that they founded 20 thermcol boxes which smell very bad so they cab check the boxes and they found dog meat in it. 

Full Story a report Comes From The News Minute :

Around 10.30 am Weekly Express rolled into platform number 5 of Tamil Nadu’s Chennai Egmore railway station. Some parcels were unloaded onto the platform, among which were 20 thermocol boxes, and the train left the station to travel on to Mannargudi.

As the 20 thermocol parcels were being unloaded, a particularly bad smell reportedly wafted out of them. Railway police officials on a routine patrol stopped the men who were placing them onto the platform. The men immediately dropped the boxes and fled from the spot, a report in the Times of India states.
Tamil Nadu police official said they take strict action on this type of food safety crime. 
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