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Maxbounty :

When we talk about earn money online so there is only few genuine way to earn real money such as blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipphing, trading freelancing CPA in Maxbounty and some other methods but when we talk about affiliate marketing there are two different type of affiliate marketing such as CPS ( Cost Per Sale ) which is common but very difficult to implement perfectly, but there are also second type of Affiliate Marketing which is called CPA ( Cost Per Action ) in Cpa you does not give any type of sale, you just give leads such as email submit, mobile based subscription, app download and form fill up and any action which is required to complete cpa offer. 

But the question is which is the best platforms where you can sign up and complete CPA offers and generate income, in this post i am give you 5 best platforms including Maxbounty where you gonna earn life long income by just promoting some CPA offers. 

What is Maxbounty ?

Maxbounty is a CPA based platform where we can earn income by promoting CPA ( Cost Per Action ) which comes in affiliate model. 

In maxbounty you can find quality cpa and also cps offers which gives higher payouts than other cpa offers, here you can find simple email submit offers, app downding, zip submit and also simple mobile based subscription offer and if someone complete you offer you will generate income. 

But the sign up is maxbounty is not as easy as you think when you go to sign up in maxbounty they ask about how you gonna promote cpa offers, you should have a website or a blog or a a YouTube channel or you can make a normal blog because filling website url is must to sign up in maxbounty, and after you sign up they review your application and then call you for verify for details and also ask you how you promote cpa offers. after this now you can login and choose any cpa offer and start promoting. 

But wait don't worry today i am going to tell you best cpa platform where you simply sign up and start earning by promoting cpa offers. 

Best Alternative of Maxbounty 

1. Peerfly 

Best if your targeted traffic comes from tier 1 country and you know how to promote cpa offers in international country where you get higher payouts for every single CPA offers you promote.
Before visiting peerfly i recommend you learn basic things about cpa marketing and also show some videos about maxbounty and peerfly in youtube. 

2. Vcommision 

Vcommission is best cpa platform if your targeted traffic comes from tier 2 and 3 country of if you are beginner in cpa marketing and promote local cpa offers in india then you should go first for vcommision before visiting any other platform such as maxbounty and peerfly. 

3. Clickbooth

I did not work here but according to user reviews Clickbooth is a genuine cpa platforms where you can simply sign up and start promoting cpa offers best cpa platform. 

4. CPALead 

One of the best cpa platform for beginners.

5. Clickdealer

Bonus Platform

These are best best cpa platform and alternates of Maxbounty try all the cpa platforms and earn ling long income, if you are beginner if prefer you to use vcommission first than after learning the basic of cpa you should go for maxbounty and peerfly.

I hope you all like the article please comment you reviews about maxbounty. 

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