Mi Note 5 Pro Vs Mi Note 6 Pro : Upgrade or Money Waste ?

Mi Note 5 Pro Vs Mi Note 6 Pro : Upgrade or Money Waste ?

In first quarter of 2018 Xiaomi Launched her game changer device which capture the mid premium smartphone segment market up to 80%, which looks premium give good cameras and also comes with Snadragon 636 Processor which runs on 14 nm technology and consider as good mid premium Processor coupled with 3, 4 and 6GB RAM variants and some additional new feature such as Face unlock which is quite fast according to the price of note 5.

Mi Note 5 Pro Vs Mi Note 6 Pro

On 22 of november 2018 the campany are ready to launch the sucessor of note 5, the all new redmi note 5 pro, which comes with the same chipset which powered the old note 5 pro snapdragon 636, but its feauture front dual cameras setup and also brighter display, the note 5 display can bright up to 450 NIT but the new Note 6 pro display brightness is up to 500 NIT which is quite impressive or upgrade and also the battery is now 4000 MAH fully powered.

The new Note 6 pro is also splash proof which protect you device from some water splashed, but it does not have any IP68 certificates. 

Over all if you own the previous Note 5 pro then we dont recommend you to upgrade to Note 6 Pro, but if dont own Note and want to purchase a good Camera smartphone with all over decent specification then you should go for redmi Note 5 Pro. 

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