Do Not Use Bluehost India Hosting? Much better option are available

Should We Use Bluehost India Hosting? Much better option are available, the claim that they are better speed for Indian user as compared to Bluehost U.s. with same technical support and quality ? Really

Bluehost India is the new and addition segment of EIG to bring local hosting in India.

  • Should we use Bluehost India hosting ?
  • Bluehost India can match quality and speed as Bluehost U.s. ?
  • Its is better to purchased U.s. Server from Bluehost India ?

All new Bluehost India by EIG can provides us local hosting experience at cheap price but will the Bluehost India can match our quality test.

At the end of the post you will know why you not use Bluehost India hosting.

Why we does not recommended Bluehost India ?

Bluehost India

Bluehost India is the new hosting service by EIG which offers hosting for Word press and comes with same CPU THROTTLING TECHNOLOGY and Dashboard which we get in Bluehost U.s. but in the beginning of the post i say that the Bluehost India is the addition of Bluehost U.s. for business expansion in India that's why they do not provide same technical support and quality for now as compared to Bluehost U.s. and if you know about Resellerclub than you Definitely did not use Bluehost India Hosting.

Resellerclub is a Mumbai based company which provide freelancer and individual to start their own domain and hosting business. 

Bluehost India Dashboard
Bluehost India also use Resellerclub dashboard so they should not provide same user experience and quality as Bluehost U.s. provides. 

Facts : You can start your own hosting service like Bluehost India with Resellerclub

New blogger which are compare hosting price even if its negligible and go for ultra cheap hosting as you see above picture of Bluehost India price the price is equal in compared to hostgator India and other Hosting provider which provide better speed and technical support compared to Bluehost India.

Should we use Bluehost India Hosting?

At this time ignore buying hosting from Bluehost India and purchase from its U.s. site such as hostgator and Bluehost U.s. because the offers free cdn service such as Max cdn and Cloudflare which ensure to load page faster.

Bluehost U.s. also offers free SSL certificate and PHP 7.0

These two features are missing in Bluehost India Hosting.

Ask you friends experience who use Bluehost India Hosting about the speed and quality of the hosting and comment your views about how Bluehost India will improve there technical support and speed quality like other hosting providers such as Bluehost U.s. and hostgator ?

According to us : We did not recommended Bluehost India.

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