South India Superstar Also Included With Famous Pirated Website Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers : South Indian Star Vishal Name Comes With The Famous Pirated Website Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers : In past few weeks the tamil movies was leaked one by one during the first day of release. famous movie pirated website tamilrockers was leak the movie online.

tamilrockers vishal
South Actor : Vishal

In last few weeks south indian movies was leaked by famous pirated website 'Tamilrockers' , all films was leaked one by one online on the first day of his release. the government and film producers takes many steps again piracy and ban more than 1000 piracy websites but this can not stop "Tamilrockers" 

Many times the government and cyber crime counsil blocks the domain but they can leak movies with new domain names.

Many rumors and news comes from yesterday that south indian actor vishal helps Tamilrockers to leak movies online.



Father on director vijay and famous movie producer AL Azhagappan alleged against vishal that they can help Tamilrockers to leak movie and they also have a share with Tamilrockers. many producer also says thats vishals helps and gets his share from Tamilrockers. 

Producer says : The Kannad film counsil was not ready to dubbed Tamil movies in Kannad, but vishal and his team was release KGF in Tamil nadu. 

Thats why there are many question are comes from councils for vishal. last time when councils try to ask question from vishal they do not give any answers, thats why more than 200 members was upset from vishal and his team.
Vishal did not attained any meeting of council from last 7 months. Every member was unhappy againts vishal and his team and they are making a different comity againts vishal and everyone team member who helps Tamilrockers.

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