Official Date Of Banning PUBG Mobile is released by Government |

PUBG Mobile Players unknown battleground is the biggest game ever released on any platform, people are going mad about the game and play each and every time. the game is all about survival, you and 100 others play are landed via air plane in the small city where you find weapons and start killing each other, while during game play the area of the city was reduced in every two minutes which is called blue zone and if you are go out from the blue zone you health decrease drastically so, players should play and survive under play zone area and the last man who survive is win and get the best dinner of 2018 WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.

But people are gonna crazy about the game they play each and every time which can effect their studies and work, that's why many country including china and India are deciding to banned the PUBG Mobile version, due to this news some people in Kerala are doing Raleys, two boys commits suicide after the news was launched, that's how you can imagine how people are mad for this game, that's why Government are gonna ban this game and now the official date is also released. 


Government Decide to Banned The Official Asia Server of the game on 27 January 2019 12:00 Am Midnight, and after they banned the Asia server, on 31st January they can ban the whole game server so no one can use and play in India, which is bad news for PUBG lovers, but wait i have a trick which you can play the game also after banning, which i revealed in last. 




When porn is born in India how much people can stop watching porn, only those who do not know how to play videos after banning, such as who lived in very rural areas, but normal people can watch porn also after banning with small trick which is also apply for Playing PUBG Mobile after banning the whole server, there are many vpn application which can change your location and ip address, means no one can trace your location after you can run vpn, with the help of vpn you can easily play PUBG mobile when its is banned in india. 

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